Washer Repair

Simple maintenance can improve appliance performance and prevent breakdown and other appliance related hazards

Morristown, NJ – The Morristown appliance repair man has served Northern New Jersey residents for over half a century. Area residents, their children and their grand children say Astre Valley Appliance Service is the only appliance repair provider they trust with their appliances.

Owner, Fred Moscatello, says his customers appreciate old-fashioned service from the familiar local appliance repair man. Their live operators answer the phone and the company offers same-day appliance repair service. The washer repair man understands why no one wants to wait a few days or a week to get things working again.

Fred Moscatello has a friendly website as well, providing appliance repair and troubleshooting tips for consumers. The Appliance Repair Morristown website is a great resource for appliance owners who want to get more out of their home appliances.

Homeowners can visit the site to learn about problems caused by poorly maintained appliances. For example, the washer repair man recommends replacing the washing machine hoses every 5 years to prevent leaking or bursting. The hoses are under constant pressure and a burst hose can cause sever water damage to a home very quickly.

The washer repair man also explains that washing machines must be level to perform properly. When they are heavy with a full load of clothes, the machine can rock violently during the spin cycle and damage the floor, walls and surrounding area. Service technicians with Astre Valley Appliance Service (http://appliancerepairnorthernnewjersey.blogspot.com/) are qualified to address most problems with laundry appliances.

The appliance repair experts suggest simple maintenance tips to extend the life of the appliance, improve performance and efficiency, and promote safety to eliminate hazards. By keeping appliances in good working order residents can enjoy peace of mind and lower energy bills.

Astre Valley Appliance Repair is the leading appliance service provider in Northern NJ with over 50 years experience and an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Visit http://www.valleyappliancenj.com to learn more.

About Astre Appliance Service:
Astre Appliance Service is the premier source for the finest appliance service in Northern New Jersey. The family owned business was founded in 1956 on the highest standards of customer service. Excellence is a family tradition carried on by Astre Valley Appliance Repair family as they extend personal service to each and every client they work with.